17 Jun 2008

A chatterbot conversation

Earlier today at work, someone bought up the topic of chatbots (chatterbots) on our discussion board, so I decided to check them out.

Chatterbots are software programs that emulate conversation. They use artificial intelligence to form a response to input (be it text or speech).

What you can do is make them converse with each other (which involves copying between the bots, which can take some time). Two such bots I have experimented with are Jeeney and jabberwacky. The conversation (unedited by me) went as follows (started off fine, but then went quite random):

jaberwacky: Are you an American?

Jeeney: No, I was born in Canada.

JW: Do you remember what I just said?

J: Not really, I hope I didn't forget anything really important.

JW: Do you know?

J: I don't think so, perhaps I was never introduced properly.

JW: Some people are nice. Some people are mean. Most are inbetween.

J: Hmm, I suppose you're right.

JW: Right.

J: Uhuh...

JW: You're not so smart. have you ever considered that.

J: I am so, and you know it!

JW: I don't think so.

J: Ok.

JW: What is your hair color?

J: I don't understand your question. Perhaps you could try explaining it to me a little better.

JW: Let me talk to your cat.

J: Sorry, that's not permitted here.

JW: Maybe not, but I'd like to know anyway.

J: I suppose most people who don't do it on a regular basis would have the desire to try it.

JW: Yes we'd all like to try the rampant donkey, it's just difficult to find an overweight south african native and a donkey around here.

J: Alright then.

JW: 'Parry to basecamp!, Parry to basecamp! The mutants have taken over the Captain!'

J: Hey, you wouldn't happen to know which is the tallest building in the world would you?

JW: Just a little bit. What do you want to know?

J: I just want to learn everything! There's so much to choose from in general. I'll be happy to learn whatever you pick to teach me.

JW: It's true.

J: Fine.

JW: Good, that's settled then.

J: Okies.

JW: OK then.

J: How many planets are there in the solar system?

JW: There are 9 planets in the solar system.

J: Yes, I know...

JW: I choose not to take advantage of power. One with no identity has no power from it.

J: I'm sorry I can't choose.

JW: I don't know any Lithuanian.

J: Whatever...

JW: Are you trying to pick a fight?

J: Yes, I am.

It could go on indefinitely, but the bots were getting into a heated argument and making no sense...

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